• The Colombian American Association was organized in 1927 as the Colombian-American Chamber of Commerce and incorporated in the State of New York in 1931. Its name was changed in 1975.


    The founder of the Chamber was Germán Olano, a Colombian businessman residing in New York who later became the Consul General of Colombia. The organizational meeting, held on April 27, 1927, at the Hotel Pennsylvania, was chaired by Phanor J. Eder, a partner of Hardin, Hess and Eder. Joseph Carter of R. W. Hebard & Co. acted as Secretary and Rafael del Castillo was elected President.

  • Objectives

    • To facilitate commerce and trade between the Republic of Colombia and the United States of America.
    • To foster and advance cultural relations and goodwill between the nations.
    • To encourage sound and safe investments in Colombia by Americans and in the United States by Colombians.
    • To disseminate accurate information concerning Colombia in the United States.
    • To take any proper measures to these several ends that may protect, promote, and encourage close, friendly relations between the two countries aforementioned and their people.
  • Activities

  • Speaker Programs

    International business people, government officials, bankers, and individuals are brought together at informal luncheons, breakfasts, receptions, seminars, etc., which are held in New York City. These programs cover economic, financial, political, and social issues of importance to Colombia and the U.S. and may feature a head of state, business leader, government minister, prominent diplomat, or panel of experts as speakers.


    Attendance is discounted for members and their guests.

    Business Receptions

    The Association joins together with the chambers of commerce for other Latin American countries and Spain for a popular annual networking reception. This and other similar events have been held at important cultural or academic institutions such as the Gabarrón Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts and the King Juan Carlos I Center at New York University.


    The Association also hosts an annual holiday event together with the other Andean American Associations.

    Sponsored Events

    In addition, the CAA cosponsors functions hosted by other business organizations, stock and commodity exchanges, government agencies, and academic and cultural institutions. These have included major road shows aimed at potential investors.


    CAA members receive discounted rates or free attendance at these programs.